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How has COVID-19 changed music consumption? Let’s go to the chart!

Chartmetric, a company that works with all the major labels, has just released a series of charts demonstrating how music consumption and listener behavior has been altered by the coronavirus crisis. Canada isn’t included in the analysis, but I think this is still important information.

Each country in the survey (US, South Korea, Italy, Brazil, India, and South Africa) is handling the pandemic in its own way when it comes to seeking out online entertainment.

In the US, views of the top 100 YouTube artists went up during the lockdown, but as the number of infections went up, consumers seemed to turn to other distractions.

There was an inverse relationship, which seems to say that South Koreans bailed on music in favour of looking for more information about COVID-19 as infections went up. But as their curve flattened, interesting in YouTube views rebounded.

Italian YouTube views pretty much followed the infection curve.

After Carnival, COVID-19 shit got real for Brazilians, so they started paying more attention to other things.

Indian YouTube views dropped like a rock as the virus took hold. Could be a result of national school closures? Or are people more interested in news than music right now?

As soon as infections spiked, interest in YouTube music went down.