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Chartmetric was founded in 2016 and emerged from beta in 2017. Its clients including all three major record companies, thousands independent labels, publishers and distributors, as well artist managers, agents, festivals, promoters and brands from outside of the traditional music industry.

But most importantly … the vast majority of Chartmetric ...

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Christine Brackenhoff

Chartmetric Launches Mobile App to Help Music Pros Navigate the World of Data

If you’re a music professional and hear an intriguing artist you’ve never heard before, you need quick, useful information on that artist’s activities — from playlists to chart entries — to guide your decision making. But you may not have access to a laptop.

Chartmetric has created a mobile app for this very moment, when music professionals need a snapshot of an artist’s key stats. The app, available now to premium users at no additional cost, summarizes an artist’s chart position and playlist additions, along with other helpful data. Users can set up in-app notifications to keep them on top of any new developments. The easy-to-interpret overview gives mobile users a simple way to engage with Chartmetric.

“It's a natural reflex for your thumb to reach for a navigation app on your phone when you're trying to get somewhere,” says Jason Joven, Chartmetric’s Content and Insights Manager. “We want to make it just as natural to reach for a mobile app that helps you navigate the complexities of music data.”

Distilled from the robust and flexible charts and features on Chartmetric’s web app, the mobile app is designed to help A&R pros, booking agents, and festival programmers, who may be encountering new artists away from their laptops, find out the basics. It may also be of use to musicians, labels, and agents who need to keep an eye on what’s happening with a particular campaign or release from their smartphones.

The app will evolve as Chartmetric further refines what mobile features would serve their users best. "We’re looking to find new, mobile-first ways to present data and offer insights,” notes Spencer Franks, Product Manager at Chartmetric. “This is a first step to let even casual users engage with music data."

"You can throw everything onto a website. Mobile apps force you to be creative about how you communicate all the data you have to work with," explains Rutger Rosenborg, Chartmetric’s Digital Strategy Lead. "We’re always working on how to make data a little less overwhelming and more welcoming for creative minded people who may be new to data analysis."

The Chartmetric mobile app is available to all premium subscribers, who can download the iOS or Android version here.

About Chartmetric

Chartmetric was founded in 2016. Its clients include all three major record companies, thousands of independent labels, publishers and distributors, as well artist managers, agents, festivals, promoters and brands from outside of the traditional music industry. Chartmetric ingests vast quantities of data from numerous sources, covering digital services, socials and traditional media. It provides users with an illuminative and ever-evolving source of astonishing insight. By deeply integrating data for millions of artists and tracks, Chartmetric helps its clients gain understanding about the complex global-social market for music. Chartmetric provides clarity for every aspect of A&R and music marketing, powered by advanced machine learning and data science.